Monday, August 1, 2011

Next step

I met with my surgeon today.  I did not, however, schedule my surgery.  Apparently, if we decide on reconstruction, they do it at the same time as the initial surgery.  So, I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon on Wednesday at 11 am.  If we decide on reconstruction, the two surgeons will coordinate and we will schedule a time that works for both of them.  There are a couple of different methods for reconstruction, one of which is more invasive.  The fact that I am having radiation will be a determining factor in which method is used. 

My surgeon said that I would probably have to spend one night, maybe two, in the hospital and that my recovery would probably take about two weeks.

I would appreciate prayer for clarity about reconstruction.  The main concern is recovery time and whether or not the insurance will cover it.  I also would appreciate prayer that my employer will continue to be as understanding as they have been.

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