Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wow!  I didn't realize it had been so long since I had updated my blog.  I said I was going to try to post more often, but that didn't happen.  Oh well.

I feel like I've had a setback.  The chemo drug that they have given me for the last two treatments has made my fingertips and toes go numb.  Because of that, I didn't get treatment today.  They want to make sure the numbness will get better.  I'm going in next Friday to get treatment of a reduced dose if the numbness is getting better and then will have my last treatment two weeks after that which makes it a week later than we thought it would be.  If the numbness is not better by next week, then I am done with chemo.  So I will know next Friday whether I am done or will be another week out for my last treatment.  The numbness can become a permanent condition which is why they are being so careful.  Once I am done with chemo then we will schedule my surgery for about a month later.  Mike is already scheduled for vacation the week of August 22nd, so I'm hoping my surgery can be scheduled then.

My tumor is the same size that it has been for about a month.  I'm guessing that it is still large enough that they will have to do a mastectomy rather than a lumpectomy.

I'm not sure how to pray.  I don't know if I want to have two more chemo treatments or if I want to be done.  Well, actually, I do know that I want to be done with treatment, but I don't know if two more treatments will do any good.  I guess I'll pray for God's will to be done in this situation, whatever that may be.

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