Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, it was another crummy weekend.  I felt fine on Friday, but on Saturday, I got a really sharp pain that travelled up my forearm to the tip of my middle finger.  Then on Sunday, I got severe body aches and felt like I could barely move.  I stayed home from work yesterday because I felt so awful.  I talked to my oncologist today and she said that the body aches can be associated with the new drug I got last Thursday.  They're not sure why I had the shooting pain, but I think it was related to the chemo.  I have felt really weak since Saturday, so I went in to have my blood drawn today.  My counts are okay, but I was running a slight fever, so they think I may be fighting a virus.  Hopefully, I'll get enough rest this week that I will feel better this weekend.

I joined a website called "Blogging for Books" that gives away free books to bloggers that will read the books and post a review on their blog, so occasionally, I will be posting a review of a book that I have read.  This is my first review, so here goes:

Secrets of the Vine for Women is a simple book.  Simple to read and simple to understand.  Based on John 15, Darlene Marie Wilkinson compares God to a vinedresser (the gardener in a vineyard).  When we are living with sin in our lives, God lovingly disciplines us, like a vinedresser cares for each vine.  When we are showing spiritual fruit, God prunes us, like a vinedresser prunes each vine.  The purpose of the pruning is so that we can produce more spiritual fruit and live in abundance.  Simple but powerful truth.  

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  1. Hi Tammy...you were on my heart so I thought I'd check your blog and how about that--it looks like you just updated it today! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well and are so weak, but I'm so thankful the chemo is working and shrinking that tumor! Your well over half way done sweetie! Here is my prayer for you today--

    Dear Lord,
    I lift up my friend Tammy to You and thank You for your mercy toward her. Please continue to strengthen and heal her and especially give her rest and energy to recover from the virus this week. We know that You are greater than any of our circumstances and Your power is unlimited. May she be encouraged in both big and little ways as she heads into the final weeks of her treatments. We trust in Your healing powers and ask that You would continue to direct Tammy's care and bring her back to complete health. Thank you that she is such an inspiration to those who know her! May she experience an overwhelming sense of Your peace and presence in her life!
    In Jesus' Name,

    p.s...love your book review idea! See you Thursday! Hugs!!